Tuesday, April 20, 2010

If you are wanting to look at more dice cups then just go down to the older post.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Trying to share pics

Here are some pics that I've tried to upload about 15 times. Most of the time the pics were barley recognizable. I don't know what's going wrong. I have just given up trying to add the rest. These pics came from the GW store in Grapevine Mall close to Dallas. I was able to pick up the new battle missions there and I have to say that I am impressed for the exception of the typo on the D6D6 chart were there are 2 different 33 missions. I also picked up a salamander novel and the only army I can think about is the old red eyes. It didn't help that they had a nicely painted salamander army scene up there as well.
Avatar coming out in DVD in 6 months
Vulcan bringing the heat
plasma magnet

Friday, March 5, 2010

Higher quality cups

Here are some pics from some of the first sets of cups that I had made. The night bringer cup was the prototype cup, and I still use it for my necron army.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Greg The Warhammer Valentines Day

Okay, so it's been awhile since I've posted anything which doesn't matter because no one knows this site exists. Well this month we have moved up to 1500 pts and I am still using my chaos space marines. I played my three matches for the month and to my surprise I have won all three. This means that for the tournament next week I'll be playing against one of the other top players for round one. I've been told that the person that I will meet up with in the first round plays blood angels. My army is very assault orientated so it should be a good match up for me. Here is the list that I'll be taking in all it's glory.

2 Demon prince w/ wings, mark of slaanesh, and lash.
1 greater demon
10 man marines w/ 2meltas, chaos glory, sgt with power fist, in a rhino that has a havoc launcher.
8 man marines w/ 1 melta, chaos glory, sgt with power fist, in rhino that has a havoc launcher
8 man plague marines w/ 2 meltas personal icon, sgt w/ power fist, in a rhino that has a havac launcher.
5 lesser demons
3 obliterators in one squad

I hope to place in the top 3 but you never can tell. Sorry that I don't have any pictures from the games I've played but my camera died on me. Hopefully I'll have a new one by the tournament.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

What happens when your dice loose the force? What I mean is when you roll average or above you don't think twice about it, but when you start rolling a large amount of ones then that gets your attention. This is what happened to me in a game against Brent and it was not pretty. I had two oblits against his 5 demon nurgles and got wiped out when I rolled snake eyes and then failed a one for the fearless test wound. Then I lost my demon prince right after that with a role of 3 ones. No matter what the situation I could not roll to save my life. I made a ton of mistakes this game that put me in positions to have to role for wounds and got overwhelmed pretty quickly. The demon army plays very differently than any other army in the warhammer world, and the more I play them, the more I will learn what to do against them. But still what can you do if your dice go south? Well if you were me you act like an asshat to one of your friends. I think the only thing that saved me from being a total bitch is that my buddy sent me a text with a girl eating shit out of another girls ass. No matter how you feel when you see a pic like that it will change whatever mood you are in, I promise you that. I did send an apology to Brent and of course I will force myself to look at my phone the next time my dice crap out, which I'm hoping doesn't happen. I may have to go play nurgle if the dice keep this up! Anyone have an idea what else to do other than microwaving dice (which is what Brent does I swear to God he told me so)? I can't go to hell for a little white lie can I?

Friday, December 18, 2009

Tau vs. Space Wolves

Quick list overview.

The Professor's Tau: 2 devil fish w/ 6 fire cast warriors, 1 hammer head, 20 kroot w/ hounds, 4 crisis suits w/ 2 drones, 1 leader in crisis suit.

Mike's Space Wolves: 2 Long fang units w/4 missile launchers and 2 lascanon razor backs, 2 10man Gray hunters in rhinos, 5 man squad of scouts.

Mission: capture and control 5 objectives

deployment: spearhead

Turn 1: Mike goes first and puts one rhino with gray hunters, and scouts in reserves.
Professor puts all of his army in reserves.

Turn 2: Mike's scouts come on the board and moves into terrain on the professor's side of the table.
Professor has 1 devil fish, hammer head, and the crisis suits come on. The fire cast warriors dump out and shoot at the scouts, also the crisis suits shoots at the scouts killing 4.

Turn 3: Mike's rhino w/ the gray hunters come on. Long fangs shoot a frag missile at fire cast warriors causing them to run off the table. The lone scout assaults and immobilizes the hammerhead.

Professor's leader, Kroot, and a devil fish comes on the table. Kroot kill two long fangs with shooting. Razor back gets stunned from shooting, and crisis suits assault scouts finally killing them.

Turn 4: Mike shoots and kills 1 shield drone, and 2 kroot.
Professor immobilizes razor back and stuns it, also destroys the other one.

Turn 5: Mike shoots and assault Kroot killing all but 2 and making them run. He also killed another drone.
Professor dumps out fire cast warriors on an objective and sends both devil fish to contest. The hammer head kills 4 gray hunters. (In a side note, his hammer head has done nothing in his last game bringing it up to 9 turns of nothing.)

Turn 6: Mike kills the devil fish with melta guns, tank shocks crisis suits causing them to run, and then kills 1 with a missile shot. Mike also kills 1 fire cast warrior w/ frag missile.
Professor kills 2 gray hunters.

Game ends: Mike wins with 3 objectives to the professor's 1.